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The world would have you believe that love demands sacrifice and control. It says you must make the other your "one-and-only", "special" above all others, which means you own them. And therefore, you must keep them away from everyone else.


A Course In Miracles states that this approach to love is a recipe for guaranteed misery and pain, because it is a complete contradiction to what LOVE really is.


There is a much higher experience of Love available, which ACIM calls Holy Relationship.

Through interactive exercises, group discussions, and guided personal reflection, you will learn how to identify and overcome patterns of unhealthy attachment and learn how to surrender and allow holy love in your relationships.


Why most relationships are anchored in suffering & settling.

What the highest purpose for relationships really is.


How you can transform yourself and create a new paradigm of love.

Presented by,

Aaron Abke & Mark Anthony Lord

Co-founders of Living The Course, a global, virtual ACIM community dedicated to the revelation of God, not just as theory, but as our very lives.

Aaron & Mark bring over 30 years combined of teaching spirituality making it practical, fun and inspiring.

In this workshop they bring their personal life experience of relationship transformation from special to holy, and their deep understanding of how A Course In Miracles can do the same for you!

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Sunday | February 12 | 1-4pm EST

REGISTER HERE (only $77)