We are a virtual, global community dedicated to not just studying A Course In Miracles ... we're here to live it! 

We’re not just here to fill your head with more knowledge. We’re going to help you systematically reprogram your perception from separation to oneness, apply forgiveness to your life and watch inner freedom start happening.




Every day we come together to study the ACIM lessons.  Trying to understand the depth of wisdom, inspiration, and healing on our own is next to impossible.  But reading and deciphering the lessons together? ... it's truly enlightening, fun, and easy.


Prayer is super important to us, which is why we begin and end all our gatherings together with it.  Prayer opens our minds and hearts to receive, and it releases the resistance so that we can welcome the many miracles that are all around us.


As we open ourselves up to the love that's in the Course we also open ourselves to release old traumas, false beliefs, sickness and sadness.  Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, but when we're together, it's not.  Supporting and caring for each other is just what we do!

We both deeply love

A Course In Miracles.

It’s what brings us together to passionately create this global community.  We are teachers - we are students - and we are fully committed to surrendering daily to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in serving you!

Aaron & Mark




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Feeling triggered lately? Learn what a shadow is and how to truly heal whatever is limiting you in your life during our HEALING THE SHADOW Virtual Retreat with Aaron & Mark!



"We have studied the A Course In Miracles for more than 30 years with different groups and facilitators, and what we can say is that Mark and Aaron are masters in the understanding and teaching of the Course Principles. They have brought a much deeper understanding in one year that far exceeds our combined 30+ years of study. From the beginning we strongly resonated with the Course and are so pleased that we found Mark and Aaron, who are so attuned and dedicated. A Course In Miracles isn't a book that most people could read without community as it challenges some of our traditional religious beliefs. This community of people, LTC, has been a strong support system for each other, especially in times of challenge and we all learn from one another. Simply, our expectations have been superseded. - Christi & Frank, Kansas City"

Christi & Frank
Kansas City

"Doing Living The Course with Aaron Abke & Mark Anthony Lord was the greatest gift I have ever given myself!! Both Mark and Aaron are masterful spiritual teachers within their own right; however, together they create the fast track to the miracles of knowing God's ever expanding presence within each and everyone of us. The Daily Lessons with Mark, Aaron and the LTC community is transformational, deep, and beautiful. I have been released from lifetimes of suffering and my life is filled with so much more love, happiness, joy, and peace. The journey to experiencing God's love deeper every day has happened within this community and I am forever grateful. "

Carol Parker
Naples, FL

"Truly, the BEST decision of my life so far!​ ​Living The Course has been the most eye-opening, heart-warming and joyous experience for me! Mark and Aaron are so gifted in their ability to​ ​explain the Daily Lessons and take it so much deeper with their personal experiences as well as pulling from other sacred texts that expand the lessons. The daily meditations and prayers lift me up and help me to stay in the vibration of love throughout my day. The LTC community is open and loving and I have made so many new, lifetime friends! I highly recommend this course with full confidence that if you put in the time and dedication, your life will be elevated and you will experience a new sense of connection and love that you didn’t know was possible!"

Chrissy Duis
Pueblo West, CO

"Living The Course is a most excellent experience. Mark and Aaron are so vastly gifted in their ability to teach deep spriitual Truth. Their understanding of A Course In Miracles and how to maximize our understanding and practical application of it in our lives is amazing. They are both incredibly knowledgeable and so very relatable. I strongly recommend this course for everyone, no matter where you are on this journey called life."

Kyle Butler
Patterson, NJ

"LTC is absolutely amazing! From the very beginning it exceeded everything it offered on paper from the daily lessons to the masterclasses and the PRICELESS group gatherings. Aaron and Mark have a profound way of simplifying the language of the text and thoroughly breaking down the lessons in an easy digestible way. Both provide unique, relatable, cohesive perspectives that consistently opened my mind in ways I never thought possible. The daily meditations gave me breakthrough after breakthrough and the community experience was always safe and loving. BEST PART - everyday is full of laughs with Aaron and Mark! They clearly love what they do and are so full of life and wisdom. I've read many spiritual texts and been a part of many programs but this one takes the cake. If you're seeking spiritual awakening and deeper understanding and expeirence of A Course In Miracles you must do it with the best, credible teachers, and a committed conscious, and deeply loving community. I'm eternally grateful for the LTC family."

Mary Quilao

"LTC changed my life. I was suffering, lost, and seemingly alone in the illusion of separateness. I had begun a spiritual journey, but was struggling to make sense of it all. Through the Forgiveness Challenge I experienced a taste of the inner peace I was seeking, so I trusted my intuition and signed up then and there. It is, without question, the best investment of time and money I made in 2021, maybe ever! That investment was nothing compared to the gifts I received into my life. To say Mark and Aaron are gifted teachers would be an understatement. Their dedication, love, wisdom and passion for the Course comes through in every lesson. They show up every day and truly “live the Course”. They are vulnerable, authentic, and guided by Love. Along the way, that’s what WE became as a Community. Every pain, experience, or tale of suffering is loved, held with compassion and healed in the light of truth. I love my LTC family. I love Mark and Aaron. I am grateful beyond measure for Living the Course."

Mandy Ozaki
Boise, ID

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