A global spiritual community dedicated to not just
learning, but truly living A Course In Miracles.


Does this sound like you?

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    You've been studying ACIM for years, or maybe you've just begun reading the text but it isn't quite clicking for you yet.

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    You're still on the wheel of suffering, you've had enough of it and you're ready to finally get free.

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    You’re a genuine seeker looking for a sure, straightforward path to your own spiritual awakening.

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    You feel alone on your spiritual path, feel like no one understands you and you're looking for a spiritual community.

We see you. And you've been led to the right place.

All are welcome here.


A global spiritual community dedicated to not just learning, but truly living A Course In Miracles.

Our mission is to package the profound Truths of ACIM in the simplest, most practical and digestible way possible. LTC will help you to heal from generations of suffering, find real inner freedom and contribute to the collective evolution of humanity.

We equip every student in our community with the truth and knowledge of ACIM so that they can actually go out and live it in their own lives.

We do things differently
around here.

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    We keep things real.

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    We take the pressure off spiritual growth.

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    We are a safe & judgement-free zone.

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    We make ACIM simple and practical.

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    We incorporate powerful complementary spiritual modalities, traditions, texts, and teachers.

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    We're not just a course or a program — we are a thriving community. LTC is a family.

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    And most importantly... we have a ton of FUN.

It doesn’t need to feel complicated, difficult or out of reach.
Come see why Living The Course is the fun, fast-track to miracles.

“This has been one of the best years of my life and I know it’s because of Living The Course. Waking up every morning to Aaron and Mark explaining the Course so clearly has led me to so much clarity. I’ve never felt so free! Words can’t even describe it.”

- Michelle

“I feel myself being changed by these excellent lessons and teachings from both of you. I am beginning to really glimpse the Truth of my Christ nature… You two are the best part of my every morning!”

- Meghan

“This year of lessons has changed how I look at the world more than I could ever imagine. It’s been an incredible experience!”

- Greg

“LTC has been a game-changer for me. An accelerator to my spiritual growth, personal development, and healing. I feel like on my own, I would take 20 years to learn everything I have gotten from this wonderful community. I plan to stay with it as long as it is offered.”

- Doza

“The growth the LTC community has brought me has been immeasurable!”

- Corey

“Who I have become through experiencing Mark and Aaron is… I AM. I GLOW in the LOV, GRACE, AND HUMBLESS OF GOD every day.”

- Bonnie


We are excited to serve you

Our passion and love for A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is what brought us together to create this global community dedicated to Living The Course. Just as much as we are teachers, we are also students. We are eternally grateful to be blessed with the opportunity to be in humble service to you and your spiritual awakening through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

- Aaron Abke & Mark Anthony Lord